By - LawsArticles 3 to 6


a. Annual General and Scientific Meetings (AGSM)

Shall be organized by an LOC elected at the last AGSM

  1. Members of the Society are supposed to attend its annual general meetings.
  2. The purpose of an Annual General and Scientific Meeting (AGSM) include the following;
  • Presentation of scientific papers
  • report back to the general membership by Office Bearers of the achievements and work for the period in review – one year.
  • make any necessary changes to the constitution.
  • enable members to decide on the policies of the Society
  • The AGSM shall be held once every year in the 2nd Thursday of August.
  1. The business to deal with at the AGM shall include the following;
  • Agreement on the items to be discussed on the agenda.
  • Roll call of attendance and absentees with apologies.
  • Reading and confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting, and matters arising thereof.
  • President’s report.
  • Treasurer’s report.
  • Changes to the constitution that members may want to make.
  • Election of new office bearers.
  • Close of meeting.

b. Special General Meetings

  1. The Special General Meeting (SGM) or any other special meeting shall be held outside of the normal or regular meetings.
  2. Special or extraordinary meetings may take the shape of an Annual General Meeting (AGSM) or any ordinary meeting.

iii.        The Executive Committee or not less than one-third of the members may call for a Special General Meeting of the Society.

  1. Special meetings may be called when the Executive Committee needs the mandate or guidance of the general membership of the Society to take up issues that require urgent attention and cannot wait until the next regular AGSM or ordinary meeting.


c. Business meetings

a. Business meetings shall be organized every November to deliberate on the core business of the society. Only ordinary members shall be expected to attend.

b. Ordinary Meetings

  1. Ordinary meetings shall be conducted to complete a standard order of business of the Society. These shall be held once a quarter and are to be attended by the Executive Committee members.
  2. The meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held, at least, once a quarter or when a need arises for the conduct of the business of the Executive Committee.

d. Notice of Meetings

  1. The General Secretary shall be the convener of meetings. He/she shall inform all Executive members of the date of the proposed meeting within a reasonable time, but not less than seven (7) days, before it is due to take place.
  2. In convening an AGSM or a Special General Meeting, all members of the Society shall be informed of the meeting no less than fourteen (14) days before the meeting.

iii.        Notices of all meetings provided for in this constitution shall be given to relevant members in writing, either personally, by post or electronic communication or whichever manner that is convenient, to the address or other similar particulars provided by members.

  1. The notices for all meetings must indicate the reasons for the meeting and the matters that will be discussed in the meeting.
  2. Confirmation of delivery; all notices sent to members at the latest known contact shall be deemed to have been duly served on members, unless it can be proven otherwise.
  3. All members present in any meeting shall be deemed to have received notice of such meeting.

e. Quorum

  1. The quorum for all meetings of the Society shall be a simple majority (50% + 1) of relevant members expected to attend
  2. All meetings of the Organization shall commence only upon attaining the set quorum

iii.        For the purpose of considering changes to this constitution or the dissolution of the Society, then a two thirds (⅔) of the members shall be required as the quorum and 2/3 of the people present must vote in favour.

  1. If a quorum is not reached after thirty (30) minutes of the set time of a meeting, then that meeting shall be adjourned to date within fourteen days thereafter.
  2. If no quorum is reached at the rescheduled date after thirty (30) minutes of the set time, then the meeting shall commence as if a quorum has been reached

f. Procedures for Meetings

  1. The Executive Committee shall carry out its meetings and proceedings as it deems fit, but subject to the following:
  • that the President chairs all meetings of the General Assembly including those of the Executive Committee
  • that if the President is absent, the Vice-president chairs such meetings
  • in the event both are absent, the members present at the meeting shall elect a chairperson for the meeting.

g. Making decisions in meetings

  1. Where possible, the decisions of the GSC shall be taken by consensus. However, when there is no consensus, members will call for a vote.
  2. Only ordinary members qualify to vote at all meetings of GSC
  3. All votes shall be counted and the majority votes on any issue shall be considered as the decision of the meeting. All members shall abide by the majority decision

iii.          If opposing votes are equal on an issue, then the president in that meeting has either a second or a deciding vote

  1. Correct minutes and records of attendance shall be kept for all meetings of the Society. The minutes shall be confirmed as a true record of previous proceedings at the next meeting, and shall thereafter be signed by the president. Minutes shall thereafter be kept safely and readily available to the membership.



Representation from the country on behalf of the GSC in the field of Cardiology will be done by members upon prior approval of the General Assembly and Executive Committee. Invitations coming on the name of the GSC in the field of Cardiology shall be discussed by the members of the Executive Committee and appropriate nominations made after apprising the details to the President.


For the advancement of the aims and objectives of the Society, the General Assembly may sponsor National or International Conferences. Such amounts received by the Society shall be placed in the society’s account and used as per the by-laws. An audited account of such conferences shall be submitted to the Society as early as possible. The society shall sponsor representative(s) to attend international conferences to cover up the to and fro airfare. The utilization statement of the money and certificate of participation at international meeting are to be submitted at the Secretariat there after for office records and audit purpose.


Shall be for ordinary members. All foundation members shall receive fellowship at the 2nd AGSM. Thereafter, the following criteria shall apply (any one)

Following criteria will apply (anyone):

  1. All past Presidents of GSC;
  2. All past General Secretaries of GSC;
  3. Those who have served for four (4) or more years in the Executive Committee of GSC;
  4. Members of GSC for more than ten (10) years who have shown significant commitment to the Society
  5. Members of GSC for at least five (5) years who have five (5) or more publications in cardiovascular medicine.
  6. Any established cardiologists who are fellows of the other cardiovascular society.

How to apply:

Application for fellowship has to be addressed to the President of the society. Eligibility for fellowship will be decided by a fellowship committee to be constituted by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Assembly. Application is to be made in a specific form meant for fellowship award.

Fees for fellowship:

The charges for fellowship will be determined by the executive Committee which will include the fellowship dinner.