Who We Are

The Ghanaian Society of Cardiology (GSC for short) is a non-governmental professional society of Ghanaian Cardiologists and other health professionals with interest in cardiovascular diseases, who practice in Ghana and internationally

The inaugural meeting to form the society was held in Korlebu Teaching Hospital on 18th Nov 2017 during which interim executives were elected to steer the affairs of the society and see to the registration of same. The first AGSM of the GSC was successfully organised on 1st – 3rd August 2018, during which the constitution was voted to acceptance and the current executives were elected for a period of 2 years.
Our Objectives
A fundamental goal of the GSC is to drive the acquisition and advancement of knowledge in cardiology, its sub-specialties and the basic sciences relevant to it for the benefit of the people in Ghana and beyond.
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The GSC, A’s a National body, has three zones namely Northern Zone (Tamale), Middle Zone (Kumasi) and Southern Zone (Accra)
The National secretariat of the GSC is in room 33, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

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