Ghana Heart Initiative (GHI)Improved access to better cardiovascular diseases management in Ghana

Project & Background

Cardiovascular diseases ( are a growing public health problem in Ghana and other African countries Strokes and other CVDs have become a leading cause of deaths due to increasing risk factors such as Hypertension Early diagnosis and adequate management of the risk factors can reduce the fatal consequences of CVDs However, standardized approaches for adequate risk assessment and a management system for CVDs are currently lacking in Ghana’s health facilities

To improve risk assessment and management of cardiovascular diseases in public hospitals in the Greater Accra region of Ghana


Expected Results

  • Developed national guidelines for CVD management with approval from MOH
  • Increased knowledge of over 265 health workers by 50%
  • Improved infrastructure (equipment) for the risk assessment and management of CVDs in participating health facilities
  • Established call centre equipped for 24/7 medical support of CVD management